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Steps for Maintaining the Health of a Tree

Both living and non-living things benefit a lot from the environment. It constitutes the earth, water, and air, as well as the living things on it. Thus the environment needs to be maintained. Trees are a part of the environment and covers a larger part of the earth. The trees have greater advantages to the environment which constitutes improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Trees produces the oxygen we breathe through the process of photosynthesis. Thus with all these tree advantages it is clear that that tree maintenance is important. Several techniques have been employed to maintain the health of a tree. This article thus explains on the various techniques of tree health maintenance.

First and foremost it is essential to plant the right tree in the right place. Trees grow depending on geographical areas. Trees require various conditions such as enough sun and space for full growth and development. It is important to dig up a place for the in a place that is far from power lines, underground utility lines or your home to avoid shortening the life spun of the tree. To have fully developed trees it is essential to follow all the planting procedures.

Water is a necessity for growth development thus it is necessary to water trees. Water has been listed as one of the vital element for growth; thus, it is important to water trees. Just like any other plant, you need to water trees. If it hasn’t rained for several weeks, check to see if your tree needs a drink. Usually, mature trees need one inch of water a week. New trees require a lot of water comapired to the mature. Trees loses water and thus intake of more is necessary. It is crucial to practice some techniques that utilize water. mulching is one of the technique through which water is utilized. Through mulching trees are protected from lawn mower cuts and dry soil. While doing mulching one has to be careful not to cover the base of the trunk.

It is essential to add nutrients to the soil in which a tree is growing from. fertilizers are needed for the growth of the trees. In natural forest, humor usually cater to the nutrients needed. People usually, get rid of all fallen materials from the tree; therefore, they need to add some fertilizer for the tree to acquire the nutrients from. No one has to worry about leaving behind dead leaves and stems for nutrients since fertilizers have catered for the necessity. It will be easy to keep the records of the fertilizer in the soil to know when additional is required. Pruning also allows the trees to mature properly. Despite this pruning must be done most properly. Finally it is important to schedule for an annual check-up for the trees to access their growth rate and their health.

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